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Food sector - restaurantsTesto measuring instruments – The important ingredient for good food

Of course your customers expect from you food products which are fresh and food which is prepared with care and is wholesome.

To achieve this, ambient conditions on display surfaces, in refrigerated cabinets and storage rooms must be monitored along with the temperatures of cooking units or the condition of the oil in a deep-fat fryer.

Testo is here to help you with all your measurement tasks. We make a point of following closely all the latest developments in the monitoring of foodstuffs. In this way, we are always in a position to offer up-to-date solutions optimised to suit your applications. It’s no wonder that tens of thousands of Testo instruments are used regularly by supermarkets, food specialist stores, restaurants and catering services.

Food sector - restaurantsMeasurement solutions for field use

The freshness of food products and the digestibility of food is difficult to judge.

Measurements can help you make decisions. The procedures are usually time-consuming and often can only be carried out in the laboratory.

Testo offers user-friendly measurement engineering solutions suitable for daily use. One good example are the new pH probes which work with a gel electrolyte as a reference medium for pH measurement and, unlike conventional sensors, are leak-proof, maintenance-free and not affected by dust and dirt particles.

A real highlight is the electronic cooking oil tester which provides you with reliable information within seconds about the state of the oil in a hot deep-fat fryer. The advantage for you is that you can determine the flavour of your deep-fried food and also use cooking oil sparingly. Analysis of the state of the oil based on polarisable substances is recognised internationally but has been mainly carried out in laboratories up to now or was determined via test sets for which replacements had to be purchased.

Food sector - restaurantsFully reliable and efficient

Measuring instruments must be accurate at all times.

We offer you well-engineered instruments which have not only been subjected to stringent tests during the development phase but have   undergone comprehensive year-long field tests prior to being released on the market.

The instruments also have to be calibrated to ensure food safety. Calibration should be carried out annually to augment legal certainty. Our calibration laboratories are held in high esteem internationally and are also approved for calibrations on behalf of the Deutschen Kalibrierdienstes (DKD=German Calibration Service).

Documenting parameters systematically

You have to document your measurements so that they are verifiable.

Many of Testo’s instruments can be read out with a practical fast printer via infrared. Measurement data is documented practically automatically.

The data in our dataloggers, with which you can record temperatures and air humidity in storerooms, freezers or display surfaces, for example, can also be collected by a "data collector" and then sent to a PC. This is a convenient method to collect data from different sites.

Food sector - restaurantsBetter measurements with better equipment

Often, it is the right accessory which makes a measurement engineering solution complete. Testo offers a wide range of accessories for its instruments which, in turn, helps you to complete your measurement tasks efficiently.

The range extends from numerous different probe types and designs, optional wireless or conventional probes via a fast printer and data collector to a dishwasher-safe TopSafe protection case with which you can protect your instrument from dirt, impact and moisture.

Learning changes

  • What was that again – who has to measure with calibrated measuring instruments?
  • What exactly is the connection between germ multiplication and temperature?

If you need answers to the above questions, just give us a call. We will do our best to answer them.

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