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Food Industry - productionAccuracy has top priority

Accuracy has top priority. This applies particularly to food production. Temperature control during food production determines the quality to the same extent as meeting hygiene requirements and adhering to defined ambient conditions when handling and storing products.

Testo offers solutions designed for daily testing in the field wherever measurement engineering can help you to detect flaws. We make a point of closely following all the latest developments in food engineering and food law. We also maintain close contact with food inspectors. For this reason, we are always in a position to tell you what is important for your measurements in the context of operational self-checking.

Food Industry - production
Meeting your requirements

Regardless of whether you wish to measure temperatures, air humidities or analytical variables such as pH value or conductivity, Testo always has the most up-to-date and easy-to-use practical measurement engineering solutions suitable for everyday use in the field.

One good example are the new pH probes which function with a gel electrolyte as a reference medium and which are leak-proof, maintenance-free and not affected by dirt ingress, unlike conventional sensors. A wide range of temperature probes with different sensors and various designs, including wireless probes without a bothersome cable, facilitate temperature measurements in practically every application imaginable. There is also a wide range of different probes available for stationary applications.

Food Industry - production
Ideal for field use – Fully reliable and efficient

Practical, robust and hygienic, accurate and efficient and user-friendly. The demands on measurement engineering for food production are high.

But it is not just all about measuring instruments. Testo also has additional solutions with which measurement tasks can be completed in compliance with the task at hand. For example, the patented TopSafe case protects Testo’s measurement instruments from splashes, dirt and impact. It is dishwasher-safe thus making it particularly hygienic. Contamination, germ multiplication on instruments and subsequently in products can be practically eliminated by using TopSafe. The instruments can also be operated through TopSafe when wearing gloves.

Another example are the practical, compact and fast printers with which many measurement instruments can be read out via infrared. Data is printed at the touch of a button; an important tool in situations where only documented measurements count.

Food Industry - productionPerfection

Food production is regularised by extensive specifications and guidelines. One requirement is that measuring instruments are calibrated - ie. compared at different measurement points with a reference instrument.

Our calibration laboratories enjoy international prestige and are also approved for calibrations on behalf of the German Calibration Service (DKD).

Learning changes

  • What was that again – who has to measure with calibrated measuring instruments?
  • What exactly is the connection between germ multiplication and temperature?

If you need answers to the above questions, just give us a call. We will do our best to answer them.


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