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Heating and Installation sectorCombustion points under control

New opportunities: The market for the supply of heat to buildings is changing constantly. Solar systems, heat pumps and other technologies, integrated concepts for energy supply and electronic control systems have established themselves. The objectives remain the same - demand controlled heat supply, low energy consumption and low emissions.

Regardless of the technology involved – every furnace must function 100%; regular checks and tuning are therefore required. Our contribution: We supply the best measurement engineering. We follow all developments attentively, we are there wherever there is something going on. We recognise trends far in advance and can therefore offer well-engineered applications ahead of the competition. You have rewarded us for our commitment by making us number one worldwide in the heating engineering sector.

Heating and Installation sectorPlaying it safe

Measuring instruments must be reliable and efficient. For this reason, once developed we do not regard our products as being ready for the market. Instead, we subject them to tough tests in the field. It is only when these tests are successful that we start with serial production. All measuring instruments which leave our factory undergo quality inspections.

Spoilt for choice?

It is impossible to find another product line with so many well-engineered, mobile gas analysers as we have. We admit that that could sometimes make the decision more difficult for you but you are guaranteed that you are working with the best suited product for your measurement job. Regardless for which flue gas analyser you decide, you can be assured that the gas paths are optimised i.e. are kept as short as possible. Susceptibility and corrosion are thus avoided.

The results of your measurements are made available immediately. User-friendly and intelligible operation, a well thought-out accessory and measurement case system ensure that you can work – efficiently, fast and professionally.

Heating and Installation sectorElectrochemical gas sensors with added value!

The sensors specially developed for Testo have an above-average lifetime of 2-3 years. The extended service life of sensors in testo 330 LL by up to 6 years for O2 and CO is revolutionary and enormously reduces follow-on costs for the user.

Another outstanding feature is measuring instruments in which you can exchange the sensor yourself – without the need for test gas calibration. Back in operation immediately – couldn't be quicker.

The cheapest measuring instrument sometimes turns out to be the most expensive...

Heating problems in Winter. A true emergency! And your flue gas analyser breaks down today of all days!

This is where we come in. We are proud of the top quality service we provide.

Learning changes

  • What was that?
  • What flue gas flows are permitted according to the regulations governing wood furnaces?

We offer in-depth documentation and leaflets on Testo Measurement Engineering, current standards and guidelines and their implementation.

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