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Airconditioning and Ventilation sectorFor a good climate

Air conditioning and ventilation engineering is a complicated and multifaceted field – You know that as well as we do.

Highly diverse tasks such as planning, initial operation, approval and service - with different interfaces and high demands on energy efficiency, hygiene and Indoor Air Quality all have to function in harmony. Technical requirements are high. Low energy consumption, high operational safety, long-term availability, – at the same time, it must be possible to regulate air conditioning and ventilation in the different rooms individually and in real time.

Testo has the measurement engineering required. Complete solutions for all parameters. Our many years of experience are reflected in our practical and efficient measurement solutions.

Airconditioning and Ventilation sectorNobody offers more

It is impossible to find a comparable range of probes, optional probes or conventional probes, for all the parameters required in air conditioning: flow, humidity, temperature, pressure, absolute pressure, lux, sound, CO2, volt and milliampere.

Absolute assurance is supplied by Testo Calibration Certificates, regardless for which parameter. Testo has a pacesetter function in the calibration sector.

How accurate are you?

Measuring instruments have to measure accurately, stably and reliably over a period of years. These requirements are the basis of our product philosophy.

An indication of how serious we are is made clear by the example of the development of our own, patented humidity sensor. It took almost eight years before the sensor met our requirements in terms of precision and long-term stability, response time and temperature tolerance. It was then subjected to thorough testing lasting more than a year before it was finally approved for use by our customers.

Airconditioning and Ventilation sectorBut we were still not satisfied. Over a period of five years, inter-laboratory tests were undertaken involving nine renowned international testing institutes, such as the PTB in Berlin (National metrology institute), which documents the accuracy of the sensor over this time in each of the testing institutes.

Learning changes

  • What was the difference again between standard and working volume flow?
  • How are draughts in offices assessed?

If you need the answers to the above questions, just give us a call. We will do our best to help you. 

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