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The new analyzers from Testo

Testo is again setting standards in refrigeration technology with the new refrigeration system analyzers for measuring, recording, regulating and analyzing refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

Refrigeration sectorWhat began with accurate and practical pressure and flow velocity measuring instruments and electronic manifolds for the refrigeration trade, now finds its technological continuation in the new refrigeration system analyzers testo 560, 556 and 530. The high-quality analyzers form a unit composed of highly accurate sensors for measuring pressure, vacuum, temperature (up to 4 temperatures simultaneously), current consumption, oil pressure and refrigerant filling quantities.

The instruments have a 4-way valve block with stowable valve knobs (testo 556 and testo 560). The large, backlit display digitally shows the pressure and the condensation and evaporation temperatures. There are 30 refrigerant curves stored in the instrument, which can be updated free of charge via internet and software (testo 556 and testo 560). This makes the instrument family suitable for almost all refrigeration systems,and replaces the complicated mechanical manifolds.

Among the most important characteristics are the recording and documentation of the values measured on site. They can be directly stored in the instrument and later transferred to a PC. Online measurement on site via a PC is also possible.

Newly developed software "EasyKool"

The newly developed software “EasyKool” offers professional data administration on a PC, and thus optimum refrigerant management.

Measurement values can be shown graphically as well as in tabular form. If all actions are recorded during commissioning, a commissioning report can be drawn up. Uninterrupted documentation of data over a defined period of time allows the causes of malfunctions to be objectively diagnosed.

Learning changes you

Testo’s product lines provide flexibility during applications in the pressure and refrigeration sector, helping you to optimize your daily work.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your queries. Communication between qualified experts and practitioners is invaluable for the advancement of measurement technology in this sector. 

Refrigeration sector

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