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If, contrary to expectations, problems should occur with your product which you cannot rectify yourself, please feel free to contact us here at Provo Instrumentation. We will endeavour to provide fast and competent assistance to save you long down times. Alternatively, contact the manufacturer directly on the contact details provided below.


testo Australia (the manufacturer) has a service department which is dedicated to producing outstanding customer service, calibration and repair of all testo products. Other manufacturer's instruments can be serviced, calibrated and repaired (subject to parts availability). Their highly experienced team are committed to meeting your repair, service and calibration needs, by people who know the products best.

Calibrating your Instrument

After purchasing your instrument you need to send your warranty card back to testo. This will ensure you will be reminded when your instrument needs recalibrating. If you have not received a warranty card, please contact us here at Provo Instrumentation.



Both testo Australia (the manufacturer) and Provo Instrumentation are committed to providing quality "after sales support" to all our customers. We recommend utilising testo's offer of free technical advice, support, and training. Testo offers exceptional after sales care on both Testo and non-Testo branded instruments. Alternatively, feel free to contact us here at Provo Instrumentation with any questions you may have.

Our goal is to keep you up and running by providing a fast and reliable service. Should any of your instruments require repair or calibration, please follow the steps below to ensure the best possible service and turnaround.

  1. Include with the instrument a brief description of the problem or the service required
  2. Include contact information: name, company, physical address to return the instrument, email address and phone number.
  3. Attention to "service department"

Please send all instruments to testo's service department:

testo Australia
Unit 11, 114-118 Merrindale Drive
Croydon South VIC 3136
TEL. 03 8761 6108
FAX. 03 8761 6109

Office Hours:

9.00am - 5.30pm (Mon- Fri)


The Testo AG issues a worldwide warranty with a time limit on all of its products in accordance with the following listed warranty conditions. Please refer to the documentation enclosed with the product for information about the respective valid warranty times.

Testo issues the warranty from the date of the first purchase. The warranty covers all material and manufacturer faults:

  • Measuring Instruments - 24 months
  • Probes - 12 months
  • Accessories - 6 months

Faults occurring during the warranty time will be rectified by Testo AG, its authorised sales subsidiaries or authorised dealers in accordance with the following conditions and without charge for labour and material costs.

Either the defective components will be replaced with new spare parts or the entire product will be replaced according to Testo`s estimation.

The following are excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty:

  • Wear parts (e.g. rechargeable batteries/batteries, measuring cells, printing mechanisms) and consumables (e.g. printer paper);
  • Damage caused by:
    • use contrary to the intended purpose or failure to observe the instruction manual and/or the safety instructions,
    • lack of care, accidents or normal wear,
    • external influences (e.g. damage during transport, damage caused by vibration, excess heat, water, moisture or acids),
    • use of unsuitable accessories.

This warranty expires if:

  • the type or serial number of the product is changed, deleted, removed or made illegible
  • repairs or modifications are undertaken by third parties or unauthorised persons

This warranty covers none of the following items:

  • regular maintenance and repairs or the replacement of parts due to normal wear,
  • the costs of packaging and transport,
  • transport risks incurred directly or indirectly in connection with this warranty, 
  • the costs of repairs, adjustments or similar measures taken beyond the extent of this warranty.

In the case of a warranty claim, consult your dealer (Provo Instrumentation).

Enclose a brief description of the fault and the purchase receipt, indicating the delivery and purchase dates, together with the product. Please also give us your telephone number for any inquiries.

Warranty repairs do not extend the period of warranty.

Further claims of any kind against Testo or Provo Instrumentation, such as cancellation, price reduction or compensation will not be processed.

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