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Stationary measurement


Stationary measurement technology from Testo is used in a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Drying processes
  • Climate applications
  • Stationary temperature measurement
  • Cleanroom
  • Compressed air, Dry Air and Dry Gas

Measurement Parameters

Testo provides the technology to accurately and efficiently monitor these processes and applications, across a wide spectrum of measurement parameters:

  • Humidity transmitters
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Stationary Temperature probes and Output instruments
  • Differential Pressure transmitters
  • Flow Velocity transmitters
  • Pressure Dewpoint / Trace humidity measuring instruments
  • Compressed Air Counter

Additional products include:

  • P2A software - a Testo innovation, as for the first time a software has been developed exclusively for the fast configuration and adjustment of instruments.
  • Process/external displays - depending on the type, the testo 54 process displays are used for displaying, networking, alarming, saving MIN/MAX values, as a totalizer function, for providing transmitters with an auxiliary power output, as well as for online monitoring.

Humidity Transmitters

For years, Testo has been the first choice when it comes to high-quality humidity transmitters for drying processes' critical ambient conditions. The sensor and signal processing concept has been completely revised based on our years of experience.

Whether high humidity, trace humidity, corrosive media or constant cleanroom conditions: the Testo humidity transmitters testo 6651 and testo 6681 offer optimum accuracy and long-term stability.

Humidity sensorWith its humidity sensor, developed more than fifteen years ago and since then continually improved, our attention was focussed from the start on two accuracy parameters - measurement uncertainty and long-term stability. The basic design was developed by Testo and has since been reverse-engineered by several manufacturers: a polymer sensitive to humidity serves as a dielectric between two condenser electrodes.

However, its distinctive feature is the way in which the individual layers lie perfectly on top of each other. This is particularly clear in the top electrode which has to carry out two tasks which, at first glance, appear to be contradictory: it must be permeable for the water vapour which is to be fed to the polymer dielectric. But it must also be leakproof, smooth and capable of repelling condensate, oil and dirt particles in order to protect the sensor.

This combination has succeeded perfectly in Testo's humidity sensor thanks to extensive research. On account of this design and Testo's highly stable manufacturing and adjustment, it is possible to guarantee a measurement uncertainty of ±2 %RH or also of ±1 %RH. In addition, the humidity sensor is also long-term stable. This was proven in inter-laboratory tests which involved sending several Testo humidity sensors to a number of international calibration laboratories (PTB, NIST etc.) where the ±1 %RH limit was not exceeded, without the need for readjustment.

Differential pressure measurementDifferential Pressure Transmitters

"To be clear of what 1 Pa differential pressure means: our atmospheric pressure is 100,000 Pa! A butterfly flying past causes a change in pressure of 2.5 Pa. Hats off to our highly accurate sensor!" [Wolfgang Elche, Product Manager]

  • The testo 6383 allows flush installation in a cleanroom wall
  • The Testo differential pressure transmitters have absolutely no zero-point drift thanks to the automatic zero-point adjustment
  • In hospitals and research laboratories, the pressure difference (negative pressure) prevents the spread of germs and dust
  • Positive pressure in a filling room maintains the hygiene conditions when filling food and pharmaceuticals

Stationary Temperature measurementStationary Temperature

During the development, manufacture and storage of products, the correct room climate is very important for optimum product quality. In times of rising energy prices and diminished  resources, you need to pay increasing attention to operational costs.

A precisely adjusted air conditioning and ventilation system saves energy and operating costs. With the new Testo transmitters, you can measure humidity, temperature and differential pressure with a high level of accuracy and long-term stability – providing the basis for the efficient regulation of your system!

  • The temperature transmitter testo 6920 offers a broad selection of temperature sensors
  • Using the target value regulator, an ideal room temperature can be set
  • Via the external interface and the P2A software, the measurement data can be analyzed and the transmitter adjusted

Trace humidityTrace humidity measurement

Compressed air, air and gases are used in all areas of industry. Humidity is usually undesired here, as it causes damage, or can also reduce the quality of the end product, as the diagram below shows.

Stationary Measurement sector - Trace Humidity

Compressed air measurementCompressed Air Counter

Why does industry need compressed air counters?

For media such as current, water or gases, complete transparency is guaranteed in every industrial company: Central counters reflect the quantities used; decentralized counters show how consumption is distributed.

The medium compressed air however, is produced and distributed internally, without knowing how much is used in total and in the individual departments. Without this knowledge, there is no motivation to eliminate leakages or achieve more economical use.

Independent investigations, for example by the Fraunhofer Intitute in the course of the measurement campaign "Compressed air efficiency", have proven that between 25 and 40% of compressed air produced is wasted through leakage. Leakage holes with a diameter of 3 mm already lead to costs amounting to 3,000 Euro/annum.

If the necessary extra investments are added to the operating costs, the wastage adds up to over 100,000 Euros per year in an average industrial company.


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