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Mini wind tunnel


You can draw up your own ISO certificates using the wind tunnel and a certified testo measuring instrument. All of testo's velocity probes can be checked and calibrated using the mini wind tunnel (except Ø100mm vane probes).

This testo mini wind tunnel can be used for regular checks on velocity probes and measuring instruments in your company.

  • 3 speed levels can be set: 2.5/5/10 m/s
  • The readings are traceable to the PTB standard if testos DKD certified testo 400 reference instrument is used
  • Accuracy of wind tunnel: ±1% of reading (at least 0.1 m/s) plus calibration uncertainty of the respective reference instrument's certificate

Part no. 0554 0450

You already have a testo measuring instrument with velocity probe and calibration certificate and you want to calibrate more probes of the same type using the wind tunnel. Mini wind tunnel including power connection cable.


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