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Differential pressure transmitter for use in building air conditioning


 Overview of Features and Advantages

  • Measurement of differential pressure
  • Automatic zero-point adjustment guarantees high, temperature-independent accuracy and long-term stability
  • The P2A software for parameterisation, adjustment and analysis saves time and costs in commissioning and maintenance
  • Various analog outputs allow optimum integration into individual automation systems
  • Scalabiliy of the measuring range +50 percent of the measuring range final value, and free scalability within the measuring range allows optimum adaptino to the control
  • Display is optional

Areas of Application (Mainly in the area of building climate)

  • Industrial and commericial buildings e.g. in production and storage
  • Offices and administrational buildings
  • Sales areas and exhibition halls
  • Museums and libraries
  • School buildings, hotels, clinics etc.

Operating Conditions

  • Humidity (sensor): 0 to 90%rF
  • Temperature (sensor): -5 to +50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40 to +80°C

Part no. 0555 6321


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