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testo 316-3

Leakage Detector for CFC, HFC, HCFC


testo 316-3, leakage detector for CFC, HFC, HCFC incl. sensor head, transport case, calibration protocol, batteries and filter

  • High sensitivity 4 g/a allows the detection of the smallest leaks
  • Detects all common refrigerants 3. Easiest possible operation thanks to a single button
  • Easiest possible operation thanks to a single button
  • Immediate readiness with no pre-settings

testo 316-3 is a reliable leakage detector for refrigerants which should be part of every professional's refrigeration technology equipment. It detects even the smallest leaks thanks to its high level of sensitivity of 4 g/a, and fulfills the requirements of the F-gas regulation.

The instrument is ready for immediate use after switching on, without the need for selecting a characteristic curve. The testo 316-3 detects leaks even in rooms which have already been contaminated.

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