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Emissions sectorAccurate Values In The Name Of Efficiency and Environment

Modern emission analysis must fulfill a number of requirements. Testo constantly adapts to these requirements - starting with continuous emission checks through to tuning and optimization of burners to process monitoring in thermal manufacturing processes.

The adaptive flue gas analysis systems which Testo has been developing, producing and selling for the past 30 years not only concentrate on precision but also particularly on practicality and handling.

Directly to the customers

The requirements in the flue gas analysis sector are becoming more and more complicated and specialised. Testo has become active particularly in the industrial customers segment - experienced Testo experts analyze the specifications profile, develop and define the optimum system solution. The transfer of qualified advice competence to the requirements on site has emerged and has established itself as an extremely important tool.

But that’s not enough – fast reaction time in all service questions after purchase underline Testo’s efficiency and competence.

Emissions sectorMeasurement projects instead of measurement products

The range of products in the emission measurement sector is highly specialised and can be adapted accordingly. Against this background, Testo offers real project management. After all, the aim is to design measurement systems, adapted to each other, which guarantee optimum results at the highest efficiency levels. A full overview of your analysis processes is the basis for solution systems made by testo.

For special applications in industry

The flue gas analyzer product line is geared especially toward industry requirements:

  • High accuracy (comparable with infrared or chemical engineering from the stationary application sector);
  • Long-term measurements (practically stationary) lasting several hours to several weeks;
  • Flexible sampling probe program for highly different sampling points;
  • High to extreme measurement ranges for use in raw gas or in special oven atmospheres;
  • Service is carried out by the user saving money and downtimes;
  • Not affected by dusty and damp flue gases or "tough" ambient conditions.

The special benefits pay off during daily use

The practical Testo instrument design for emission measurement have important features - pre-calibrated electrochemical gas sensors with
electronics attached which are as easy to change as batteries, as well as the long service life of the gas sensors which greatly reduce test gas adjustment intervals.

One other striking feature of Testo instruments is the built-in Peltier gas preparation unit with hose pump for automatic condensate elimination.

Emissions sectorLearning changes

  • Do you have your current emission limits under control?
  • Important parameters under control?
  • Documentation without any gaps?
  • Optimum interplay of emission analysis components?

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