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Pitot tube reference instrument


The highly accurate differential pressure meter, testo 521 with an internal pressure sensor from 0 to 100hPa is ideal for Pitot tube measurements in the range 5 to 100m/s. testo 521 is available in 2 accuracy classes.

testo 521-1 with an internal pressure sensor with class 0.2. In the case of velocity speeds in the range from 1 to 12 m/s, you can carry out accurate measurements using the 100Pa probe which can be attached externally.

The measurement data can be saved according to location and analysed on your PC or printed on sire on your testo printer.

  • Temperature compensated differential pressure sensor in instrument
  • Additional 2 probe sockets for measuring pressure and temperature
  • Direct calculation of velocity speed and volume flow
  • Multi-point and timed mean calculation
  • Density compensation
  • Up to two 4 to 20mA interfaces connectable to hand-held instruments
  • 1 analog signal can be evaluated per interface
  • Scaling of analog signal in hand-held instrument
  • Transmitter can be supplied e.g. power from testo 521
  • 4 to 20mA interface can be connected to testo 521, 526, 400, 650 and 950 hand-held instruments

Part no. 0560 5210

testo 521-1, differential pressure meter 0-100hPa including battery and calibration protocol


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