Testo 477 LED HandHeld Strobscope

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The testo 477 LED hand-held stroboscope measures rotations and vibrations and facilitates measurements during operation. The stationary image enables the inspection and quality assessment of high-frequency moving parts.

  • Extremely wide measurement range: Up to 300,000 flashes per minute (fpm)
  • Very high light intensity of up to 1500 Lux
  • Long operating time due to long battery life of up to 5 h
  • Ideal also for robust applications on account of impact protection and protection class IP65
  • Trigger input and output enable connection to external systems and control by an external sensor
Operating temperature 0 to +45 °C
Dimensions 191 x 82 x 60 mm
Probe – RPM
Accuracy 0.02 %
Resolution ±0.1 (30 to 999 fpm)

±1 (1000 to 300.000 fpm)


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